The 2nd Langfang Symposium on Compact Fusion Technologies (LSCFT 2020) will take place from 23rd to 24th April, 2020 at the Ennova Seven-Cultivation Hotel (30miles away from Beijing). This event is organized by Hebei Key Laboratory of Compact Fusion and sponsored by ENN Energy Research Institute. ENN, together with our partners, has embarked on an ambitious effort to advance fusion development in its theory, experiments, technology and engineering. The symposium aims to provide a platform for researchers in the innovative fusion areas to discuss the latest developments or achievements and share some new ideas.

The symposium will bring together plasma physicists including theoreticians and experimentalists; experts in the various multidisciplinary fields of fusion science and technology; material engineering; fusion device engineering; and young scholars in the relevant field.


31 January 2020 Submission of Abstract

1 March 2020     Notification of Acceptance of Abstract

TOPICS (include but not limited to):

1.Strategies and alternative concepts to realize fusion energy reactor (e.g., compact, low aspect ratio tokamak, new magnetized target fusion device designs…);

2.Advanced fusion concepts;

3.R&D of high temperature superconducting magnet;

4.Advance in modeling, heating, materials, experiment & diagnostics;

5.Innovations in fusion technologies.

The working language of the symposium is English.

Don’t miss the unique opportunity to know the latest technology progress and make business contacts. We look forward to seeing you in Langfang!

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